Signs of a Dog Bite Infection


Have you ever had a dog bite? Dog bites are common among the children than adults. The dogs tend to respond to stimuli, provocation or pain by fighting back-biting. The have feelings as we human do and once provoked they respond negatively. Unless the dog bites get managed well, one develop an illness. Illness associated with dog bites are due to a combination of many bacteria thus is fatal and requires urgent medical care. Dog bites can result in inflammation and swellings. Does your child have injuries on his/her hands and legs but you’re not sure if they are dog bites, check for the following signs of dog bite infection.
i. Red swellings and tenderness around the wound
ii. Pus oozing out of the wound
iii. Fever with night sweats
iv. Muscle weakness and pain
v. A significant loss of sensation around the wound (around the bite)
vi. Breathing difficulties
Dog bites on their own (without bacteria) cannot cause infection. The bacteria in the saliva of the dog, skin or environment is responsible for causing infections. Once the bacteria get into the wound, it elicits inflammation and swelling of the nodes. Dog bites are treatable and on should seek medical treatment.